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Building a Submarine
Fall 1999 Physics Lab Project | My cartoons | ussnebraska

Fall 1999 Physics Lab Project

Team Name: Subpremes and the Waterboy
Project: To Build a Submarine

Our Finished Submarine

Dr. Rex Ramsier allowed his Elementary Physics I Honors class to do a lab project in place of weekly labs.  The class formed groups of four to five students and each group selected a project to build.  Department donations totaled $80.00 per student which gave a group of five $400.00 to work with.  Our group orignally had five members until one person dropped the class.  Since they dropped the class late in the semester we were able to use their money towards our project.  We originally considered doing a Magnetic Levitation Train but later opted to attempt to build a submarine.

Group Photo
Melissa Haglock, Shama Patel, Erin Curtis, Brian Frackelton, and their submarine.
(from left to right)

This website documents how we designed and built the submarine.  It is intended as a resource to anyone else interested in the construction of an underwater vessel.  We were surprised to find virtually no information on the internet about building a submarine as a class project.  This site's documentation of our project will change that and hopefully act as a valuable resource for others.

USS Nebraska
Look What The U.S. Navy Did For Us!

In celebration of the hundredth year anniversary of the United States Submarine and in recognition of our project, the United States Navy sent us for a ride of a lifetime on a real nuclear submarine. You can view pictures of our June 24, 2000 voyage by visiting the link below.

View Pictures From Our Trip on the USS Nebraska

USS Nebraska and US!
The USS Nebraska, an Ohio Class Ballistic Missile Submarine
Melissa Haglock, Shama Patel, Erin Curtis, Brian Frackelton, and Dr. Rex Ramsier (from left to right)

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Fall 1999 Physics Lab Project | My cartoons | ussnebraska

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